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Attitudes In Dance Programs


Our program allows students to study the time-honoured art of classical ballet. Emphasis is placed on precise technique, correct body alignment and grace of movement. Students will also gain a clear understanding of theory and terminology. Ballet is the basis for all dance styles. We encourage all students to study ballet.


After an appropriate amount of Ballet is studied, dancers may begin training “en pointe”. Dancing in toe shoes requires strength and correct body alignment. Dancers must be at least 12 years of age and have instructor’s approval. Dancers must also attend ballet class in addition to their pointe class.

Pointe class runs for 2 terms, October thru to end of March. There is no year-end performance. Classes will hold a viewing day allowing parents to view progress.


Students will have the opportunity to study traditional and contemporary jazz styles. Classes will include warm-ups, stretch and strength, turns, jumps and dance combinations. Program is designed to help develop strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Jazz/Ballet Combo

Classes combine the learning of ballet steps and terminology with the learning of fun fast-paced jazz basics. Dance exercises help young students develop coordination, rhythm and basic dance skills. Three progressive levels offered... Level 1 (4-5 yrs), Level 2 (5-6 yrs), Level 3 (6-7 yrs).


Students 6 years and older will have fun learning all the fast and fancy footwork associated with tap. Our program centres on the important aspects of tap dance including coordination, timing and clarity of sound.


Lyrical dance combines ballet technique with the freedom of jazz and contemporary dance.

Our classes place an emphasis on balance, extension and control while using the body to express emotion. Background in ballet or jazz is recommended.

Hip Hop

This high energy program will give students the opportunity to learn the latest street-style dance moves.

Get ready to try fresh hip hop moves and cutting edge choreography.

Acrobatic Dance

Acro is a style that seamlessly blends dance technique with acrobatic elements. Beginner level students will learn acro basics and further improve flexibility. Advancement thru the levels will include learning more complex acro skills, partnering and group work. Acro classes are available to dancers 6 years of age and older. Knowledge of dance technique is mandatory. All acro students are required to be enrolled in a jazz or ballet class.

Musical Theatre

Stage performance is taught to students combining dance, acting and theatrical basics. Classes are available to dancers 11 years and older. Must also be enrolled in a technical dance class….jazz, tap, ballet or lyrical.

Highland Dance

A collection of steps and dances honouring the Scottish tradition. Classes include stretch, barre work, technique and the learning of highland dances. Programs are available from beginner to premier levels.

Highland is an excellent dance style for developing precision, timing and control.